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  • The Cruise Itinerary

    The cruise generally starts at about 9:00 or 10:00 am and returns at around 6pm. These times how-ever
    are flexible and can be changed to suit your preferences. Depending on the route, there will be
    plenty of opportunities for swimming and snorkeling around the islands where the water is crystal
    clear and teeming with colorful tropical marine life.

    About Crew

    We have hired and fully trained our crew to provide a high standard service to all our guests on
    board of our new catamarans.

    Skippers:  Our Skippers have experience in sailing passenger ships around the waters of the
    Anda-man Sea for at least 7 years. Each skipper has a license and also goes through annual training
    con-ducted by a certified Master of Ao Makham Deep Sea Port. The company also has monthly semi-nars
    in order to improve the quality of our customer service.

    Guides:  Each of our guides has a necessary license and completed First Aid training courses as

    Our Tour Leader is here to create a pleasant atmosphere of adventure, and to help organize leisure
    activities and games for the group.

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    Lunch or Dinner

    All our cruises include lunch, soft drinks, and fruit. We offer a wide selection of Asian and
    European style menus and meals on the barbecue.

    The Bar

    We offer a wide selection of beers and wine and our hostess is a master cocktail maker.

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    We can do your wedding on the beach or right on the boat. Say “I do” in a tropical paradise.

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    Parties. Birthdays

    Our catamarans are a very special way to celebrate any occasion. We can cater for up to 80 guests. We
    provide all of the food and entertainment; you just arrive at the dock and get ready to party in the
    most beautiful surroundings aboard the best party boat Phuket!

    Corporate events

    Our catamarans are a perfect way to treat your employees for a job well done or to bring them along
    for a spot of team-building, on board, in the water and on the beach. We can provide many team
    sports and challenges such as rafting, tug of war, football, cricket, volleyball as well as kayaking
    to name but a few.

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    We have a sound system on board and we can order any entertainment you would like, such as:
    Musicians, Dancers, Live Music Bands, DJ’s and more.

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    Event Planner

    We have a professional event planner, with many years’ experience on our team who will help make your
    very special day perfect and memorable.


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